New Home in Old Town

Scope:  create a multi-purpose space in the unfinished basement of a row house

Optimizing every room in a home is especially important in the city where space is often limited.  When the new owners moved to this Old Town vintage row house, first on the list was repurposing the unfinished basement.  Making the basement livable was the key to making this home function for their needs.   We turned a neglected space into a stunning urban loft complete with bedroom, study area, bathroom, laundry, and storage.  

The signature element of any loft is exposed brick. Our first step was to remove layers of white paint to reveal the original warm and welcoming tones. What used to be the heart of the basement — the mechanicals and water heater – was relocated from the center of the room to an enclosed closet. Completely replaced and painted metallic bronze, the duct work is now the epitome of industrial chic and a perfect complement to the newly sanded and refinished wood beams. Carpet adds a cozy touch to the bedroom and study while track lighting brightens things up.

The finishing touch, a refurbished antique window and door, pays homage to the vintage heritage of this modern space.What was once a dark, damp, and depressing basement is now a stylish multi-purpose room that is sure to increase both the functionality and value of this home.

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