Wednesdays Work-In-Progress – September 20, 2023

Do You Know the Benefit of Built-ins?

Whenever I embark on a room redesign project, I consider the use of custom built-in cabinetry. Built-ins allow every inch of space to be utilized while providing exactly the type of storage or other purpose needed. They are especially helpful in awkward shaped areas where finding ready made furniture would be difficult. Additionally, built-ins create a streamlined, clean look for your space. See some examples below as well as other projects in the works.

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Multipurpose Home Office in the Gold Coast
An open space in a gold coast townhouse now functions as an enclosed office and guest room thanks to a built-in wall bed. When needed, the handle is simply pulled down to reveal a mattress.

Sliding glass doors let light through while providing privacy when needed.

Bedroom/Dressing Room Redesign in Lincoln Park
The dressing room in this townhouse is awkwardly shaped with a diagonal wall. Built-in cabinetry looks sleek as it blends into the wall while providing lots of storage.

The main bedroom will get a built-in with a spot for the TV, storage and display shelves.

Midcentury Modern in Niles
All work on the bathroom renovation was halted so that the floors throughout the house could be redone. It was a huge job to remove the old concrete floor and replace it with natural poured terrazzo, but the results were worth it.

Terrazzo in white with specs of light colors brightens up the house

The floors were dark, dull and cracked.

Now back to work in the bathroom, a wall hung toilet has been installed, and the tile work continues.

Kitchen Renovation in Lincoln Park
This old house has been renovated and added on to over the years. Now the kitchen is being redone!

Demo is done! Check back to see the transformation.



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