Wednesdays Work-In-Progress – August 16, 2023

Why Do Projects Grow?!

It seems more often than not, a renovation or a room redesign leads to more and more work. As we call it in the business, “project creep” is inevitable. Once a room is fresh and new, it makes the adjoining rooms look dull and outdated in comparison. Or when the walls are opened for a renovation, unknown plumbing or electrical issues could be discovered. Since the inner workings of our homes are connected, the discovery of one thing often leads to another. This is just what happened in the Midcentury Modern House in Niles. See how this project has grown from 2 bathroom renovations, to include a kitchen and new floors throughout.

As promised, more finished project photos are now on our website. Check out the links below. As the summer winds down and you are thinking of home projects, please reach out.

Best, Norma

New Kitchen for an Old House
Check out the new kitchen in this 100+ year-old house in Rogers Park.
Photography by Kip Wilkinson

Midcentury Modern in Niles
With the renovation of the bathrooms underway, a plumbing issue arose which required cutting an opening into the polished concrete floor. From the beginning the home owners were clear that they wanted to keep the original floor running throughout the entire house, despite visible cracks in the living room which did bother them. Now they were faced with more defects that would be left from the bathroom floor repair. So why not just redo the floor entirely?! And since the floor has to go under the kitchen cabinets, why not replace those, too. This is how a project grows! So now we are on a 3 week hiatus while the new terrazzo floor is installed.

Before: the bathrooms were outdated with low vanities and dark, cramped showers

Before:  the concrete floors covering the entire house, had visible cracks in many areas

The old kitchen cabinets were removed and all the furniture moved out so that the floor could be redone in natural poured terazzo.

Work in the main bathroom has stopped so that its floors can be redone along with the rest of the house.

The main bathroom tile that was in progress

Indigo and Gold Kitchen gets the Royal Treatment
See all the photos of this luxurious kitchen in a Lincoln Park House.
Photography by Kip Wilkinson



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