Wednesdays Work-In-Progress – July 13, 2022

Want to see Works-NOT-in-Progress?

Photos are Finally in!
It’s been 2 years since professional photos have been taken of my work. I’m happy to share these recently completed projects with you–a nature-inspired bathroom in Andersonville and a guest bathroom in Lincoln Park. Thanks to photographer Kip Wilkinson who always captures space so beautifully and creatively moves in on the details.

Can’t go without a couple of in-progress projects — a large bathroom that was previously used for storage (see the before photos here) and a luxurious kitchen with rich blue cabinetry.

As always, please reach out if you are ready to discuss a renovation.
Best, Norma

Andersonville Main Bathroom becomes a home spa with a natural river rock “rug”, hoary oak wood vanity, soaking tub and washlet toilet.

The wall tile has a watercolor texture in a perfect shade of sea blue.

To complete the nature-inspired feel, plants hang on the wall and sit on the window sill.  See more photos at Entwine Interiors portfolio.

Lincoln Park Guest Bathroom

Even a small bathroom can have it all–a niche and bench make it functional as well as beautiful.

Smooth glass tile accents create an interesting contrast with the rugged stone look of the wall and floor.

Lakeview Kitchen
The home owners’ love of the color blue led them to select this rich shade for their new kitchen.

The door style features a narrow beveled frame that gives it a sophisticated, minimal look.  To see more about this project click here.

Gold Coast Bathroom
This spacious main bathroom is almost complete. Wavy glass tile in shades of aqua are striking, yet subtle, against the calming white and light gray background.

A niche in the tub area and another in the shower offers a beautiful accent that is also functional.



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