Wednesdays Work-In-Progress – April 13, 2022

This is What We’ve Been Waiting For!

Renovation in the Gold Coast
The work began last fall and was almost finished at the start of the year, except for one element. The long wait for custom sliding glass doors was over 14 weeks, but was well worth it. This anticipated final touch is just that–the space is now beautiful and functional. The homeowner has an office which can double as a guest room or den and a newly renovated bathroom just down the hall.

Frosted glass allows light to flow in while providing privacy.

The bottom track is recessed in the floor to provide a level transition between the hallway and office.
Four glass panels each on its own track provide plenty of options for opening and closing as needed.

The office floor tile is continued in the bathroom while blue “pillowed” tile creates a striking accent.

The office floor wasn’t level with the hallway and awkward posts served no purpose.

Lakeview Bathroom Renovation
Now fully complete, the homeowner is so happy to be using her new light, bright and modern bathroom.



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