Wednesdays Work-In-Progress – November 10, 2021

Transformation Time in the Gold Coast!

Gold Coast Construction Begins
The first floor of a townhouse in a factory-turned-condo building is in the midst of a major transformation. A multi functional office/guest room will be created by leveling the floor, adding a closet and installing large concrete looking tile. Sliding glass doors will keep the room open and light while providing flexibility. The outdated bathroom will get a shower complete with a seat and niche. An accent stripe of blue tile adds a pop of color and interest.


BEFORE: view from entry

Posts and built-in storage cabinets removed

Raising the floor to be level with the hallway

BEFORE: view towards the front door

Ceiling in the entry is raised

BEFORE: outdated bathroom with a tub

Bathroom is demolished

Framing the bathroom shower and bench



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