Wednesdays Work-In-Progress: March 18, 2020

Finally Finished!

New Home in Old Town
The lower level of this vintage rowhouse was cold, dark and dingy, yet the new homeowners had a vision to transform it into a multi-purpose space including a bedroom and study area with separate laundry, bathroom and storage.  After months of work involving the removal of white paint from the brick walls, installing bronze painted ductwork and moving the mechanicals, a fully inhabitable “suite” was created.

A vintage window and door were snagged from a Chicago resale shop, Urban Remains.  The door leads to a laundry room, bathroom and storage area.

West Loop Kitchen Renovation
A Loft with a beautiful view  over the Chicago River, now has a beautiful view inside, too.  The outdated kitchen was replaced with warm gray wood and white cabinetry.  A lower level counter provides plenty of seating space for a dinner party or a casual gathering.

A quartz countertop brings together the cool and warm tones of the cabinetry.  Abundant storage graces both sides of the peninsula while shelving finishes off the end. 



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