Wednesdays Work-in-Progress: July 10, 2019

Yoga at Home in Old Town 

Multi-Use Yoga Studio and Guest Bedroom
In the new home in Old Town while work continues on the basement renovation, upstairs a Yoga Studio/Guest Room is being created. Utilizing a room for more than one activity minimizes wasted space, especially in smaller homes where every square foot is important.  

To make room for periodic guests, a textured linen Murphy Bed from California Closets works perfectly.  It opens easily and even lets the wallpaper show through when in use. 


Bathroom in Ravenswood Manor
This bathroom got treated to a partial renovation.  The Terra Cotta tile and glass brick felt outdated and heavy, so they were slated to be replaced.Patterned cement tile was chosen for the floor while large scale porcelain tile covers the walls.  A clear glass shower shield is being custom made and is set to be installed this week.



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