Wednesdays Work-In-Progress: February 6, 2019

Industrial Chic Offices are Complete!   

A Chicago based food consulting company’s new offices are finally ready.   Accent walls in citrus shades make the place feel sunny, bright and happy.  The epoxy floors ground the space in a rich charcoal gray.A full kitchen is decked out with a wall of light gray glass tile, an exposed vent hood and an expansive island.  A meeting area in the distance is set off with lemon yellow walls.

These custom made, metal and glass barn doors complete the design with their large size and industrial feel.  They are not only beautiful, but provide the option to close off areas of the mostly open offices.  Hand made by Wood, Metal and Beyond right here in Chicago. 


The Fireplace/Entertainment wall in this South Loop townhouse is ready for a redesign.  The current TV will remain, while the fireplace will be replaced with a modern gas model. There are several obstacles that had to be taken into consideration.  Windows prevent the built-in cabinets from going all the way to the right wall. Ductwork in the upper left hand corner about 2′ down and across can’t be moved–so on the left side the built-in must go to the wall.  Finally there is a heat register on the floor by the windows. 
Three design concepts were presented– keeping in mind that the homeowners wanted a modern design, storage, display, and marble tile on the wall.  This first design is symmetrical with niches on both sides.

This design features a floating shelf that wraps around the right side and continues along the wall where it caps a stone slab accent.  Floating shelves and storage cabinets flank the TV/fireplace wall in this final concept.
Which one do you think they will pick?  Let me know your favorite!




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