Wednesdays Works-In-Progress (WIPs)

 Lincoln Park Duplex is Back!

After extensive renovation several years ago, my clients promised their Master Bathroom and girls’ bedroom would be next.  They’ve been enjoying their redesigned home and want to stay there even as their three children grow.  As a proponent of smaller spaces, I recommend remaining in place, especially in big cities where space is at a premium. A well designed smaller space which utilizes quality materials and finishes, will feel roomy and be very functional.
See the Duplex in my portfolio, Lincoln Park Duplex Renovation.

With the two youngest sharing a small bedroom, it is important to utilize every inch of space.  After researching and considering store bought furniture, nothing came close to fulfilling their needs. As in the rest of their home, we turned to custom built-ins. This route would allow them to achieve almost everything on their list which included: books and clothing storage, storage incorporated wherever possible, a twin bed and curtain for each girl.

Within this 8’10” by 12’8″ room , I was able to include stairs, bunk bed, bookcase and a dresser.  An upholstered headboard lifts up to reveal a hidden cubby.  There is storage below the bottom bed and in each stair.  A separate dresser is as wide as the space allows and the height is almost to the window sill.  The curtain gives each girl a private “room within a room” allowing them to share the bedroom for years to come.



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