Wednesdays Works-In-Progress (WIPs)

A Step Closer to Home Office


Now that the general layout for my clients’ new home office has been determined, it’s time to turn to the details.  Glossy gray is combined with smooth taupe wood for a sophisticated neutral color palette. In order to ensure that there will be the right amount and type of storage, we took an inventory of everything to be stored in the room. Knowing exact linear feet for books, number of file drawers and printer placement are just some of the important details to consider.

To keep the 10’x13′ room from feeling closed in, the third wall will feature floating book shelves and art work.   An 80″ closet on the 4th wall will be getting a makeover, too.  The inside will be outfitted with custom closet organizers.  The bi-fold doors will be replaced with sliding glass doors.  Sliding doors are less intrusive, which gave space for an additional cabinet to the right of the window.

Bookcases or a Bar?

There’s usually a long to do list when moving into a new place.  My clients, a young couple with a baby, were no different. Their list includes updating the bathrooms, redoing the fireplace and new window treatments.  But the one that excited them the most, was the possibility of having a sink and beverage refrigerator in the family room. Located right off the back patio, they envisioned summer parties with drinks and food nearby.

Wanting to stay within the footprint of the bookcases, and having only 20″ between the wall and the window frame, I had a puzzle to solve.

After some research, I found an Elkay 12″x9″ stainless steel sink that will work perfectly and allows room for a faucet behind it.
Knowing that beverage refrigerators are deeper than 20″, I needed one that would fit if turned sideways–no more than 15″ wide. An Avallon one fit the requirements!  The design above was happily approved–bye, bye books!
Check back to see  the materials and colors selected for the new bar area and the other projects going on in this home.



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