Wednesdays Work-In-Progress – January 19, 2022

Do you want to Age-In-Place? Tucson! Last time I asked if anyone could guess where I am currently working on a renovation project. The answer is….Tucson, Arizona, in the beautiful Catalina Foothills. I’ve enjoyed working virtually on the plans and visiting periodically to check on construction–and get some sun. Entwine Interiors Southwest office is now … Read more

Wednesdays Work-In-Progress – November 10, 2021

Transformation Time in the Gold Coast! Gold Coast Construction BeginsThe first floor of a townhouse in a factory-turned-condo building is in the midst of a major transformation. A multi functional office/guest room will be created by leveling the floor, adding a closet and installing large concrete looking tile. Sliding glass doors will keep the room … Read more

Wednesdays Work-In-Progress – October 13, 2021

Finally Furniture! Finally Furniture in Logan SquareWe’ve all heard about the delays with everything these days, but in Logan Square we finally have some furniture. The Eames molded plastic chair was selected for its durability and classic design. The dining table is being made of repurposed wood and vintage metal legs. An industrial style light … Read more

Wednesdays Work-In-Progress – August 18, 2021

Three Demolitions Done! Roscoe Village New Construction HomeWhile we are enduring the long wait for furniture to arrive for the inside, the outside is now in the planning stages.  “Outside is the new inside” with tons of options around for modern, comfortable and durable furniture and accessories.  Adding lighting and heaters makes it usable into the evenings and … Read more

Wednesdays Work-In-Progress – July 28, 2021

Why NOT Wallpaper? Roscoe Village New Construction HomeWhy not wallpaper….because it comes in so many styles and can be used in so many ways. Highlight a niche, add color and texture, create a unique space, express yourself, set a mood or just have fun. Nowadays vinyl and other durable papers can even protect walls and … Read more